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AI EXPO TOKYO is Japan’s largest trade show for AI tech companies to introduce their technologies to various industries. Backed up by technology mature, safety improvement, cost reduction, etc., it is expected that the market formation of artificial intelligence is accelerated in various industries in Japan. At AI EXPO TOKYO, you will have a great opportunity to introduce your technologies and services to the Japan & Asia market.

AI from Taiwan: Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

Are you facing challenges with quality inspection on the production line? Are you eager to enhance production efficiency, reduce defect rates, and achieve higher quality standards? In this speech, we will share with you where AI has found successful applications, and explain why fastable.ai is essential in Japanese manufacturing.”In recent years, due to the impact of the pandemic, the AI topic has surged into our lives like waves, and along with it, its involvement in manufacturing applications, over the past few years, as AI has increasingly become involved in manufacturing applications, we have continued our dedicated research in the field. We aim to introduce the applications of fastable.ai to more Japanese manufacturing industries through our expertise in this domain.

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AI from Taiwan: Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry


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