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Experienced in AI data analysis and production line services

The AI EXPO Tokyo, organized by the internationally renowned exhibition company REED Japan, is a biannual event held in Tokyo during spring (April) and autumn (October). It stands as Japan’s largest AI exhibition, showcasing a wide range of projects from fundamental AI deep learning, robot learning, artificial neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), hardware products, big data, to AI applications. It covers all aspects of AI applications and services.

The Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Visual Inspection.

In our booth have regular introduction for the application performance of Kapito Inc. in six major industries in the past 6 years. fastable.ai‘s fast and stable AI detection enables you to quickly and accurately assess the visual quality of your products, saving you valuable time and cost. fastable.ai, like a human, is capable of performing multi-class classification while maintaining low leakage and low overkill rates through continuous learning from new experiences. The key features of fastable.ai include: 1.Quality Satisfaction 2.Defects Prevention 3.Precise Maintenance 4.R&D Acceleration 5.Labor Force Replenishment

Tokyo Big Sight - AI (May,10-12,2023)

Combining artificial intelligence and visual inspection.


Tan Zhuo