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AI Industrialization and Industrialization of AI

Every time there is a surge in the epidemic, it brings impact and changes to people’s lifestyles and work patterns. It also serves as an opportunity for industries to seek breakthroughs, transformations, and new directions. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is rising in response to these changes. fastable.ai, like a human, can perform multi-class classification while ensuring “low leakage” and “low overkill” rates through continuous learning from new experiences. It provides stable, fast, and continuous upgrades.

Empower with AI Data Thinking

From 2015 to the present (2023), AI has created a trend and found applications across various domains. The quote “I know that I know nothing” attributed to the great philosopher Socrates. If even a great philosopher doesn’t know, In this 30-minute speech, CEO Riccardo Sun shares with the audience how to harness data thinking to unleash AI’s potential through a series of anecdotes. He emphasizes that relying solely on data thinking is not sufficient for the effective utilization of AI.

Unknow Lecture - Future of AI (May,05,2022)

Empower with AI Data Thinking


Riccardo Sun



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